Reading Wheat Belly

I’m listening to the audio version of the book Wheat Belly.  This book is amazing and could improve the health of nearly anyone! I think the science in this book pretty much explains the health problems my husband has that the doctors he has consulted are unable to diagnose. It sure is worth the effort to change the diet to eliminate what might very well be the problem.   … Continue reading

That word ‘OUGHT’

Many times we give a gift and the first response of the recipients is, “You didn’t need to do that!” and I always feel a bit annoyed by the comment because I’m not so virtuous a person that I would give a gift I didn’t want to give.  I know I don’t need to give a present, but sometimes I simply want to give a gift anyway.  I think the comment ‘You didn’t need to do that.” comes from a niggling feeling that anytime a person gives a gift it is because they felt obligated to do it.  This worry … Continue reading

Unsticking My Vocation

People get stuck sometimes; emotionally, physically, intellectually stuck. I know, I have been there, stuck like anyone else.  Knowing what I should be doing, WANTING to be doing that right thing, and still, unable to move forward, or worse yet, doing the wrong thing. St Paul wrote, “For the good which I will, I do not; but the evil which I will not, that I do.” (Rom 7:19).  I relate, not so much that the path I am on is evil, but that it is merely the wrong path. Much better then that I be stuck for in being stuck … Continue reading

Wolves “reared among sheep” and the Catholic Vote

If the current Culture of Death sitting president of the USA is re-elected it will be due to Catholic voters and the blame for their votes sits soundly on the shoulders of the Bishops of the USA. “If someone thought that wolves could be reared among sheep, imagine what chance the sheep would have.” –St. Josemaria Escriva, Furrow #967 The Bishops claim they are being pastoral because they care about the souls of these dissidents who keep repeating heresies; but I think they have missed a serious point I found here by a poor little priest: “The conversion of a … Continue reading

HomeSchool and Parent Conference

I am disappointed that I was unable to attend the Catholic Home School Curriculum Fair this weekend as I had intended. This Fair is the work of Immaculate Heart of Mary Homeschool and Parent Conferences, and co-hosted by ARCH, and University of St. Thomas. (ARCH=Apostolate of Roman Catholic Homeschoolers which serves the diocese of Houston-Galveston) I am doubly unhappy about having missed two talks by Joseph Pearce whose books grace my shelves and whose work I find edifying. Oh well, one doesn’t get to choose when a stomach bug will come along to mess with one’s plans and I am … Continue reading


Ah, Christmas day.  Marvelous day!  Attended Mass accompanied by ALL my kids, my grandbaby and my hubby!  Music was traditional, nothing heterodox or narcissistic, and led nicely by a cantor who doesn’t try to make leading the music all about performance. The day is quiet, low key, and we are watching Christmas movies.  Peace and Joy here.  We are so very blessed to live in this country. So I thought I’d try to add a video I found on you-tube. and here is a second one: I guess I get to see if this worked after I post. I do … Continue reading


Our Thanksgiving this year was quite non-traditional. We made pot roast in the crock pot and are enjoying it as leftovers. Very low key and relaxing! I’m grateful for my family. I was sorry to miss the traditional fun at my sisters this year but this pregnancy has me staying home so as to avoid becoming over-tired. Looked like everyone had a good time. I’m grateful for my immediate family in particular. My husband Gary is a great blessing to me. I love my kids so much, all of them. My eldest who forgot to call his mother on Thanksgiving … Continue reading

7 Quick Takes

I’ve not tried this before so we shall see how it goes. I was inspired to try this out by My Life In the Domestic Church, Conversion Diary (where I also got the picture above),  A Woman’s Place…Depends on Her Vocation (who didn’t do it this week but has in the past and it was neat) and House Unseen, Life Unscripted (who also didn’t do this this week but has done similar ones in the past and again, I liked it.) So you can see I am just blindly copying the cool ladies at the above blogs! 1.  I have … Continue reading