Intentional Community: Foundations Revealed

There are some intentional communities created on the internet that I find awesome even when they are about things I do not do. Today’s example is FOUNDATIONS REVEALED. An Intentional Community that revolves around the sewing and building of corsets of every imaginable type.

I particularly love that their community is encouraging and kind to newcomers. Persons who are starting out to learn the skills needed to create their own interior garments according to their own creative vision. This is demonstrated by their FOUNDATIONS REVEALED 2018 COMPETITION.  I very much like that so many first time creators entered.

I must admit to have wanted a corset of my own, something plain and sturdy in a breathable fabric to encourage better posture. I love the look, and I loved one I wore years ago but it was poorly made and lasted only a couple of wearings.  However, I am not crafty this way. That said, if I ever were to be tempted into replacing a current activity with a new one, this community would be one I would have to consider.

If you are into period re-creations, steampunk, costuming, or just like victorian and edwardian clothing, Foundations Revealed may be just the intentional community you are seeking. I enjoy the emails that give me a peak into their friendly and encouraging group. Nice people, fascinating activity.

Dear Lord, Thank You for intentional communities which give us encouragement and support in the midst of a noisy world. +Amen.

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