Lenten Silent Retreat

Silent Retreats are a means of stepping away from the usual business of life and focus hard on God. As always, what I got out of my silent retreat is not what I expected to get out of my silent retreat. God always has plans that differ from what I expect even when I don’t think I expect anything in particular. The retreat I participated in was held at Featherock Conference Center in Schulenburg Texas. As ALWAYS, the facility was spotlessly clean and well appointed inside, the grounds immaculately presented and beautiful, the food excellent, and the program well designed. … Continue reading


Oh my home school book loving friends I have run across a new to me author who is MARVELOUS! Henry Melton writes books with teen age protagonists who face real science fiction scenarios in the modern world.  The writing is fast paced, the characters well developed, and there is none of that anti-parent propaganda so popular in most modern youth books.  Themes in his books encourage communication between the generations, respectful relationships, learning about the sciences, and becoming active rather than passive in living. Breaking Anchor is the first of his books I read. I found in this book a … Continue reading

Avenir Eclectia: an interesting story

Here is a book that looks interesting: Avenir Eclectia: The colony the universe forgot. This novel-length anthology contains 138 microfiction stories by 18 authors, tales of space and planetside and the people who live there – each tale weaving into the others to create an overall tapestry image of the colony. Space station bureaucrats and rag-tag orphans, moon mining, underwater cities, telepathic sea creatures, giant bugs and extreme seasons are just the beginning. Get the paperback (254 pages) at http://amzn.to/ZO1ie7 for just $5.98 or the ebook for $2.99. Edited by Grace Bridges and Travis Perry, and published by Splashdown Books. New … Continue reading

History Blog

I enjoy The History Blog and thought it might be useful for home school.  I could see that reading it could help students select topics for papers, and learn about what is out there in general. All sorts of history comes up on this blog:   http://www.thehistoryblog.com/ For example, an item stolen at the end of WWII, returned by the auction house: http://www.thehistoryblog.com/archives/24059 There is a post with the picture of a cradle from around 79AD: http://www.thehistoryblog.com/archives/24035 This is a varied and fascinating blog and just reading it could make a person better educated. Dear Lord, thank You for marvelous blogs … Continue reading

Pope Francis

In his own words, why Pope Francis chose his papal name. Dear Lord, please guide, defend and protect Pope Francis. Thank You for this man to lead Your Church.  Help us to listen to his words and example and understand it. Please help us learn from him and become better Christians. +Amen.   … Continue reading

Habemus Papam: Pope Francis!

Our new Pope is from Argentina, of both Italian and Argentine heritage, a scientist/Chemist, highly orthodox, Jesuit, used public transportation even as Cardinal, disciple of Bl. John Paul II, former Ordinary for Eastern Catholics in Argentina, and began his pontificate with the Our Father, the Hail Mary and the Glory Be, requesting prayer for Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI, then asking a blessing and prayers from the people for himself, and then prayer for all the people! He took the name Francis, and it might have been for St. Francis Xavier! Or St. Francis of Assisi both wonderful options! Both men … Continue reading

Making Music Praying Twice

Beginning to home school preschool/pre-K and selected some materials for a classical curriculum and some materials from Catholic Heritage Curricula, I have purchased a home copy of the music program Making Music Praying Twice.   This is a really well done early music education program. First, it is fun and can be done very informally.  Mom sings and dances and enjoys the music while supplying shakers and other small instruments and scarves of light flow-y material, and the children join in as they please. It is aimed at demonstrating the DOING of music and not passive enjoyment. Second, there is a … Continue reading

Great Weight Write Off TAKE TWO!

I embark on another 8 week adventure in mutual support for our weight loss efforts and our writing goals. I’ve set another 10 pound goal and I’d like to lose another inch at the waist. My co-write-off adventurers have their own goals and we will compete to lose weight while cheering each other on. No matter who wins the challenges, we ALL win because we support each other in our vocations. Dear Lord, thank You for this supportive group of people and their positive influence on my life and health. Please bless them. +Amen. … Continue reading