Looking To 2013

I love the pristine hopefulness of a new year. A New year has so many possibilities, so much potential and a whole 12 months of adventure in it. I shall make plans and enter into the New Year eagerly and energetically.  How will it turn out?  Will the New Year be a disaster, or success, or something in between? I resolve to cling tightly to my personal goals.  I plan to adhere to my healthy eating plan, geared to my issues with blood sugar, and my need to lose weight.  How?  I will combat the feelings of deprivation by pampering … Continue reading

Skirt Wars and My Skirt Phase

Anyone who knows me knows I love skirts. Long, full, swishy skirts are a delight and joy to wear.  Do I feel that skirts are extra-feminine?–yup; are skirts the ONLY clothing that is feminine?–nope. Do I feel skirts can be very modest?–yup; are skirts the only clothing that can be modest?–nope. My loving skirts does NOT mean I hate your jeans. Most clothing choices have modest versions but any of them can be made raunchy if you try hard enough. A person’s tastes and preferences in clothing vary over time.  I’ve had my pantsuit phase, my jeans and t-shirt phase, … Continue reading

Learning to Dress Modestly

It can be done!  You can be dressed modestly and also be appropriate for the office.  You can be dressed modestly and avoid being frumpy.  Just think about the various styles that have existed over the history of clothing and realize that today there is a wider variety of styles in fashion than ever before– it can be very exciting and confusing. One delightful book about modest style is IT’S SO YOU by Mary Sheehan Warren, which is about finding your personal style and colors and being frugal and stylish by buying only what works for YOU;  another is THE … Continue reading

Modesty and Victorian Re-creations

“Victorian women were feminine, perhaps the most deliberately feminine females of history, and dressed and carried themselves to look the part. Steampunk lasts in part because the Steampunkettes dress in pseudo-Victorian costume, and it looks very cute and very female. It is refreshing change from the dull unisex monotony of modernity.”–John C Wright–A Salute to Steam-Powered Cuteness The attraction of steampunk clothing to the modern woman interested in feminine and modest clothing that delights her own creative nature is in the period of clothing from which it takes inspiration. John C. Wright, over at his blog, gets into the reasons … Continue reading

Drafting one’s own patterns yahoo group

Anyone interested in making their own patterns?  I found this great yahoo group here.  How-to-Make-Sewing-Patterns which is also a book that can be found on Amazon.com here. I haven’t yet read the book, but it is in my cart waiting for me to have enough money to make a book order.  I’m excited about it because the comments on the book indicate it is good for learning to draft a pattern for a less than perfect body! This is important because most women do not have the “perfect” body; you know the one I mean, tall, thin, just barely an … Continue reading

Sewing Skirts: Preparation

Sewing my own clothing is a goal of mine. I feel that it is part of my personal vocation and thus essential as an aspect of seeking God and seeking sanctity in this life.  Quicksilver to Gold is about this journey, this path of discovery in which I figure out what activities are meant to be included in my plan of life.  Sewing is one of those activities I feel strongly is important for ME.  It may not be something that belongs in your plan of life, but it does belong in mine. Skirts are an easy sewing project.  Some … Continue reading

Fabric for Sewing: Fibers

I am no expert in fabric.  There are fabulously heavy and huge books on the subject.  For definitions, try this link.  Today, I’m just going to write about the fibers I like and the little bit I know.  Nothing deep or profound. 🙂 Lots of links though to places where I go to read about my favorite fabric fibers. I love natural fibers. I like the way they breath and that they are renewable in their source. Wool is one of my favorites.  In a colder climate, especially a dry cold climate, wool is my hands down favorite of all … Continue reading

Modesty Can Be Fun

I was enjoying some blogs found here, and from there here and here.  One of those blogs posted this question “Could Modesty Just Be More Fun?” My instant response was YES! Absolutely yes.  In a world where modesty is not found all that often, being different from the mob can be absolutely the most fun imaginable.  It is easy to discuss modesty based on the most obvious element, clothing, but it is not the only aspect of modesty; that said, I’m going to talk clothing first. There is the wide variety of clothing styles NOT being worn much these days, … Continue reading

Wearing Skirts

Moving from Quicksilver to Gold in my life, seeking my vocation, developing my plan of life, and discovering what is essential to that plan of life even extends to my clothing.  Clothing expresses much.  It can be business, formal, casual and even a mix of these and still express something unique about the person wearing it. For me, a major part of moving from Quicksilver to Gold is found in my wardrobe, especially in my skirts. Skirts delight the wearer if that wearer is anything like me.  I love the variety possible with skirts and delight in patterns from the … Continue reading

Evolving skills Pt 2a: technology shock

Everyone has heard the phrase “Culture Shock” where a person from one region moves to a new place and the differences in the culture of the new place are difficult for that person to understand and they have to struggle to adjust.  Meet “Technology Shock” where the simple machines of my childhood have been eclipsed by technology I never imagined. A year ago I dove into the fun of looking for a new sewing machine.  I recalled that years before there were the two choices of sewing machine and/or serger and I toyed with the idea that owning one of … Continue reading