7 Quick Takes

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I’ve not tried this before so we shall see how it goes. I was inspired to try this out by My Life In the Domestic Church, Conversion Diary (where I also got the picture above),  A Woman’s Place…Depends on Her Vocation (who didn’t do it this week but has in the past and it was neat) and House Unseen, Life Unscripted (who also didn’t do this this week but has done similar ones in the past and again, I liked it.) So you can see I am just blindly copying the cool ladies at the above blogs!

1.  I have been contemplating the new autoharp I am expecting, enjoying the OS GD I recently acquired, and my darling Chromatic Josey and thinking how blessed I feel.  I am really blessed and don’t spend nearly enough time focusing on this FACT.  I have a wonderful husband, children, a new grandchild, extended family, reasonably good health, a home that is very nicely insulated, a car that runs dependably, bills that are paid, and even with the c-section I can expect in February with the expected medical bills that will take months and months to fully pay off– I am so very very BLESSED.  I mean, if a c-section and medical bills are the worst thing I can think of, I’m grateful for that too!

2. There are a lot of chuck roasts and pot roasts in the freezer because hubby ran across a SALE.  I love pot roast in the crock pot! Still eating leftovers from the freezer from the last big pot I cooked.  Lunch was veggies from a frozen bag, thawed in the microwave, with shredded pot roast and broth with leftover bits of veggies added… oh that is GOOD.

3. My older daughter and son-in-law are marvelous parents to my first grandchild!  The baby is eating so well and is so diligently cared for that she is gaining an ounce a day– in the first week! GREAT JOB kids!

4. The Little Tiger has been testing limits today and discovered that when tapping teeth with metal or rock, you lose the object to Mommy who keeps telling you not to risk damaging your teeth and Mommy is not compromising on this one!  (The Little Tiger is not happy that being “cute” does not get the object back either!)

5. I’m still fast enough to catch a toddler headed for the street!!  And the new harness will arrive next week so we can be tethered together!  When the Little Tiger stops giggling and making a dash for it, THEN we’ll run errands without a harness and tether!

6.  The elderly cat is very patient with the Little Tiger!  The small doggies love the Little Tiger.  Little Tiger is following Daddy around right now so Mommy has time to write this blog entry!

7. I caught up on the dishes AND shined my sink today! 🙂

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