Our Thanksgiving this year was quite non-traditional. We made pot roast in the crock pot and are enjoying it as leftovers. Very low key and relaxing!

I’m grateful for my family. I was sorry to miss the traditional fun at my sisters this year but this pregnancy has me staying home so as to avoid becoming over-tired. Looked like everyone had a good time.

I’m grateful for my immediate family in particular. My husband Gary is a great blessing to me. I love my kids so much, all of them. My eldest who forgot to call his mother on Thanksgiving (sigh), and my older daughter who made me a grandmother for the first time this month, for my son-in-law and baby granddaughter, for my Little Tiger and the baby who is on the way. My cup runs over very very much!

I’m grateful for a mother in law who is as nice a person as one could hope to meet. I wish we lived closer!

I’m grateful for health and music and computers and indoor plumbing that works.

I’m grateful for my home and reliable transportation too.

My prayers this year are for the Bishops and that men of sound moral character and the brains to follow Godly teachings in making laws for the common good be elected– and that they be granted the wisdom to make decisions that actually ARE for the TRUE common good.

I’m grateful for the nice weather and peaceful interlude of this holiday.

God bless you all!!

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