Religious Liberty: Freedom of Religion vs Freedom of Worship

This change in language is often coupled with another bit of lesser-known subterfuge used to rob people of their God-given freedom, the corporatizing of rights.  By this, I mean the attempt to take rights that naturally and rightly belong to the individual and apply them only to a group.  When these rights belong only to a group, then the government can determine who belongs to this group.  This group will steadily become smaller and smaller until the right does not seem to exist at all. — Pat Archbold

Our Liberties in general are under attack in the United States and the current two battles most obvious are those for the preservation of the 1st and 2nd amendments.  In this article from the National Catholic Register titled, “I don’t want freedom of religions“, the author does a good job describing the language being used to condition people to accept the limits the government wants to place on our God given, Constitution listed, Liberties.

The quote I chose from his article is a telling one and not something being discussed much anywhere else.  The collectivizing of each right to a GROUP rather than to the INDIVIDUAL.  In the past, in the Catholic Church, there has been a large push to collectivize Church teaching.  This is a common and ongoing abuse of the social documents of the Catholic Church.  Where the commandment to charity exists it is placed on the INDIVIDUAL and is purely voluntary (not coerced or forced but commanded then left to the free will of the individual) but many many teachers in the Catholic Church would “corporatize” this into something to be done by forced taxation and government program.

So the government officials who favor power over all persons would like to apply our INDIVIDUAL freedoms to groups alone and then define who actually belongs to these groups.  It is a tactic designed to separate the individual from an attachment to their personal God given freedoms.  If the freedom only belongs to “religious” such as priests or pastors but not to lay persons, then the government will find few to object to its being curbed for the individual who is not a part of those groups.

We must become assertive about the individual nature of Liberties and demand this collectivization and “corporatization” be stopped. It is not acceptable and it undermines God given Liberties no matter who uses the tactic, be it someone who believes in government doing the charity commanded to the individual (remember free will, no coercion!) or government defining away freedom of religions so as to force a secular will on the lives of all persons without any limits.

The article is worth reading in its entirety.

We must demand that the government honor our INDIVIDUAL rights.  God gives rights to INDIVIDUALS not to groups. This means that if YOU feel called to wear a crucifix on a chain then it is a requirement for YOU and nobody, not the government nor an employer, has the right to demand that you take it off or hide it.

If the right of Religious Liberty is ONLY for a group then the government can limit your public expressions to those public expressions commanded by the ancient tenets of your faith but if the right of Religious Liberty is for the individual then the arbitrator of what is required of you is your own conscience.   Can you see the significance of this difference?

Pray, fast and VOTE to remove these people from government office!

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