End of an Era: Encyclopaedia Britannica Out of Print

This is the end of an era.  The LAST print edition of the Encyclopaedia Britannica has been made and when the stock runs out, there will be no more print editions. I feel like crying because my grandchildren may never know the joy of paging through a huge encyclopaedia, looking up a topic for school, but browsing as you went along, reading articles on many many interesting topics on your way to the one article you needed for that report. I feel so sad because the tactile joy of handling a well bound volume is vanishing from the landscape. My … Continue reading

Conservative Rock Band

How about a post about a rock band? I couldn’t resist blogging briefly on this interesting, conservative, rock band.  I like most kinds of music, including rock, so when another blog I enjoy commented on them, I listened, I liked and I decided to copy cat and do the same. I don’t yet know how to post a video from another web site other than youtube so use the link and take a listen, they sound pretty good to me. … Continue reading