Health Goals for 2018

I’ve struggled this year with my health issues and am finding myself facing even bigger health challenges going forward. It has become vital for my spinal health that I strongly correct my posture. A better chair isn’t going to cut it anymore. I need to exercise in a manner that will push my body to hold healthy core strength and good posture. Answer: return to Weight Lifting, and Ballroom!

I found a studio that is at my end of town and is parking friendly for my bigger vehicle. I have taken from this teacher before and while this is not my favorite teacher, I don’t care. I need to dance.

I love waltz, tango, foxtrot, quickstep and viennese. I got out of doing them because I wanted to dance with my husband, but I can see, a decade into marriage, that I am not going to get him to dance. So I am going to go to classes twice a week and dance. Goal, work up to dancing both classes each night for two hours of ballroom twice a week.

I’m also determined to return to lifting weights. At my age, I think no more often than twice a week. My body takes longer to rebuild after a hard session of weights than it did when I was younger.

Lastly, I need to find someone to meet at the park and play Ingress and to walk. I think I shall email prospective walkers today.

Dear Lord, please help me to resist any food not on my diet. Please help me to make exercise a habit I keep always. Please grant me success in improving core strength and posture. Thank you for the opportunity to make these improvements.  +Amen.

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