Our New Years Eve was spent peeking through the windows at fireworks set off by the neighbors, as was the night of New Years Day. The days were spent inside, hiding from the cold, and in my case suffering not very quietly.



This is my year to contemplate SILENCE. Its meaning in a spiritual life. Its meaning in everyday life. What is the significance of Silence, which we have so little of these days? I think we’re not connecting with God or each other because we are over-whelmed by noise. We’re so shut down by noise we hardly notice anything around us, not the beautiful sunlight, nor the people, or the sounds of birds. We’re shut down by the noise, the constant noise. ¬†When did I last turn off everything and allow my thoughts free reign?

So I am turning off all shopping from here until after the Easter Trivium. I am opting to spend less time on social media. I am seeking to be quieter. To listen more and speak less (so far blown that a bit but still working on it because it is so worth doing).

Dear Lord, thank You for the new year ahead of us. Thank You for the opportunity to turn off the noise and listen. Help me to listen well to my family, my friends, myself, and most essentially to You. +Amen.

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