Well, my plan to post daily didn’t last long thanks to getting sick. Oh well, it is an ideal for which to strive.

Today I cannot speak, so bad is this throat that I cannot practice the ventriloquism, not even to do the breathing exercises as they make me cough uncontrollably. Bummer.

If you don’t know, I am trying to avoid a pity party but every time I try to distract myself, something else happens,

Youtube videos work as a distraction.

On a better note, it looks like I am the only one suffering like this. My friends all seem well. My relatives all seem well. My kids are mostly totally well, except the youngest who seems to have a cold. Hoping it isn’t my cold. Hubby is well too.

The picture books of 2017 I did through the Walgreens website turned out well, and soon will be in the mail to the grandparents.

The American Heritage Girl daughter has a pen pal for 2018. The first letter is started, now for it to be done tomorrow because it must mail Monday!

Dear Lord, thank You for family and friends, for doctors visits that might result in getting well, and for picture books to send to grandparents. +Amen.

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