Arts and Sciences: SCA

I fairly commonly go on about the fun I have in the Society for Creative Anachronism.  My favorite part, that dovetails with my love of history and my interest in learning enough to live and breath and write in my chosen time period, is the Arts and Sciences competitions.  I find such things very exciting and am eagerly working toward the day when I am able to compete.

This years Kingdom Arts and Sciences competition, for our Kingdom, took place last weekend.  I could not go but a good soul (THANK YOU) filmed the exhibits and the announcement of who did win, and I am sharing it here:

My only complaint is that I wish it were long enough that I could have READ all the documentation for every exhibit.

I can see that I need to be working on documentation of what I did for competition, and how much fun it was to do.  I’m working in that direction with each book I read and each note I take. I’ve a lot of work to do on my first exhibit, but it will come in time.

Meanwhile, I have to pull the project bin out for the tunic I will be working on tomorrow at our Sewing Day.  I expect to make head-way and to have fun. My plans are to eventually be competing with garb that is detailed out and made to be historically accurate. So far, I am starting to remember my sewing skills from long ago (God bless Mrs. Ankerman).

Dear Lord, thank You for such interesting and fun competitions. Please bless the efforts of every artisan in or out of the SCA.  +Amen.

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