Great Weight Write-off Check In Feb. 16, 2013

Great Weight Write-off Check-In time!! pull up a mug of coffee and join in. This week was a net loss of weight!  YAY!!  I am now the lowest weight so far– and I feel very good about that!  Further, healing from my car wreck last December is progressing and the pain levels are coming down so I asked the doctor’s opinion on my returning to driving my own vehicle.

Well, my doctor suggested it is now time to test my healing tissues by returning to more of my favorite physical activities. This week, I hope to add at least one session of dance and a nice walk. I will return to driving myself places March 3rd provided I can up my other activities and not suffer any setbacks on the healing front. So I am plenty happy about that (or more accurately I am dancing in my seat over it!!)

Of course, the next question is whether or not I will have a vehicle of my own to drive.

Breakdowns of equipment have set back the painting projects and so my van is still sitting, stripped, lights stored inside, taped off, waiting for the last stages of body work and a paint job!  Hubby promises as soon as he decides which of two techniques will be used on the body he will show me so I can do that work while he finishes his other project and gets the equipment ready to paint my van.

I am so excited about having a freshly painted white van.  I plan on my first outing with it to go to the best car wash and detailing place in town on spend the money to have it cleaned inside and out.  I’m even going to let them shampoo the seats!!!!  Spiffy!  That way, I can spend time looking it over inside to decide what to gut from the back area and what to keep and how to rework it.

My van started life as an ambulance, then it belonged to a police department and still had their logos on the side when we purchased it.  Hubby doesn’t believe in buying new if you can re-purpose some soundly built item instead. After all, the environmental cost to building this van has been paid, and it has been used enough to have justified that cost, and now, for only a small environmental cost, it can be made “new” again with another life of use.  I love the way my man thinks!  (except for nixing the pink, purple, yellow, and blue paint job I think would be so cool) 

Back to the topic of weight loss!! 

I did OK over-all. However, compared to my initial practice of sticking solidly to my diet without even the slightest deviation, even the ONE indiscretion with the fresh baked bread was enough to slow my weight loss.  (One of the guys in my Society for Creative Anachronism group is learning to bake bread, this was his third try, and my-oh-my-oh-my-oh-my was it GOOD. The kid is gonna be lethal to diets with the home made bread after only a little more practice.)

I have got to stay on the diet without deviating, it is the one truth that is set in stone.  ANY slip, any sneaking of a food off the diet, WILL STOP THE WEIGHT LOSS WAGON FOR DAYS until the metabolism resets and begins to function properly and let weight be used and dropped off.

I need to go make a bunch of the best weight loss foods that I love and stock them in the refrigerator.  Staying ON them makes so much difference and my lack of discipline is an act of self sabotage.

Don’t’cha just hate it when you self sabotage?

Dear Lord, thank You for good food that is on my diet. Thank You for success at losing weight. Thank You for the grace to stick to my diet. Please help me to build up my health with virtuous habits and to encourage the healthy habits of other people. +Amen.

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