Coffee is a Gift from our Creator

Ordinary Goodness: Coffee is a Gift from our Creator I am looking at my blog and thinking about changes that would improve it.  I do this because it is an exercise for a workshop at the Catholic Writer’s Guild online conference.  I do this while enjoying my morning coffee. I love coffee.  I buy mine from the Mystic Monk coffee link which is in the right hand column of this blog page.  Mystic Monk Coffee, for those who do not know, is actually roasted by real monks who support their life of simplicity and prayer through selling their coffee and … Continue reading

Television and New Media

Years ago I had my first duplex alone.  I had no TV, no livingroom furniture, and I loved the quiet.  My mom purchased a TV for me and a couch made its way into the space.  I have NOT been overly happy with the intrusions since. When I returned to graduate school I cut off the cable and dish.  I had a TV with no ability to get programming of any sort.  It was a very GOOD thing.  We did not miss the garbage on the tube and with the internet there was no reason to miss the TV news … Continue reading

Mystic Monk Coffee–recommendation/unabashed plug

Imagine a group of men dedicated to praying every day without exception.  For what do they pray? For this country, for our leaders, for anyone who might need to be prayed for, and they do it because they feel the call of God on their lives. Some people are called to marriage and children, some to the priesthood, some to teach, and some to prayer to the exclusion of everything else.  That is what this monastery of Carmelites DO, they pray.  They pray every day for hours, they also worship daily at Mass.  It is their main job, but on … Continue reading

The Value of Routine

Summer days start out early, the sun shines brightly through the skylight and I wake with the dawn.  Today, I woke at 6:00. MORNING OFFERING I attempt to remember to greet the day with a brief prayer asking God to accept my efforts this day and asking for His aid in doing my work well.  This is the ideal, this sometimes even happens!  Other days, sadly all too often, my morning offering is made well after I begin my day.  Still, I keep reaching for that ideal I have of waking and dedicating every day to God even before my … Continue reading