Coffee is a Gift from our Creator

Ordinary Goodness: Coffee is a Gift from our Creator

I am looking at my blog and thinking about changes that would improve it.  I do this because it is an exercise for a workshop at the Catholic Writer’s Guild online conference.  I do this while enjoying my morning coffee.

I love coffee.  I buy mine from the Mystic Monk coffee link which is in the right hand column of this blog page.  Mystic Monk Coffee, for those who do not know, is actually roasted by real monks who support their life of simplicity and prayer through selling their coffee and interesting objects to go with that coffee, like the French Press in which I steeped my coffee this morning.

Or, to be more honest, my hubby heated water, added the coffee to the press, then poured boiling water into the press, then put the snug sealed lid on the press, and brought the steeping coffee to me along with a nice insulated mug containing my ration of cream.  Yes, I said ration because I am not supposed to be drinking cream in my coffee but I happen to loath black coffee and enjoy to a very high degree the fresh brewed stuff with a small amount of cream and some sweetener.

Drinking the coffee is a pleasure.  I feel pampered by the experience of drinking my warm morning beverage.  I know it is irrational that a drink makes me feel so pampered and pleased but it does.

As I see it, coffee is a gift from the creator.  We didn’t do anything to deserve such a wonderful warm and pleasing beverage, but there it is.  It provides a living for those who grow it and for those who brew and package it.  It provides a pleasing morning drink for those of us who buy it and thus help to pay the bills for those who made it available for us to buy.

Thank you Lord God for the pleasure of coffee and for all the people whose work went into bringing it to market so I could purchase it to enjoy.  Amen.


Coffee is a Gift from our Creator — 2 Comments

  1. Amen!

    Preparing and drinking my coffee is my cue to myself to slow down, gather my thoughts, and prepare to write. And I can’t write if I’m not accompanied by a warm (or cooled-off) cup of coffee, preferably prepped in a French press.

    • sqeee! A real live comment! sqeeee! sqeee! I’m so delighted that something I wrote resonated with you. I found this response waiting moderation just as I arrived back at my desk with a newly filled french press and mug with milk and sweetener waiting for coffee. The chat with Terry Whalen was very good and now I am listening to his free podcast.