Mystic Monk Coffee–recommendation/unabashed plug

Imagine a group of men dedicated to praying every day without exception.  For what do they pray? For this country, for our leaders, for anyone who might need to be prayed for, and they do it because they feel the call of God on their lives.

Some people are called to marriage and children, some to the priesthood, some to teach, and some to prayer to the exclusion of everything else.  That is what this monastery of Carmelites DO, they pray.  They pray every day for hours, they also worship daily at Mass.  It is their main job, but on the side they must work to earn the money to live because even a life of poverty and prayer has needs best met with cash. To support themselves they roast coffee beans and sell Mystic Monk Coffee.

There is also an association of laymen which are taking donations to build a Gothic style monastery in the mountains of Wyoming. The Carmelite monks will eventually work and live there and the solitude will enable them to focus even better on their lives of prayer.  I am totally delighted by the plans for the monastery.  It is beautiful.

They have the approval of the Bishop for this effort. I think their whole project is so fabulous that I buy their coffee and I asked to be an affiliate so I could have a link on my page and encourage my readers to buy their coffee from the monks.  I subscribe so I get three bags a month without my having to remember to order more coffee.  I especially like the organic free trade decaf Mexican.

If you buy coffee you help the monks and you help me.  I am not allergic to earning a bit of money to help offset the cost of paying to have my own blog at my own url.  It is cool but it costs cash.

I will eventually have an image to click if you want to browse the storefront for Mystic Monk coffee. Meanwhile there is a little tiny click-able link to the right just below the search option.

I HOPE it works for you.  I tested it and it seemed to do what it is supposed to do.  All I need now is to figure out how to add an image to the html code so that it becomes a picture to click.

Oh, and before you write and tell me that Carmelites have Friars and not Monks, this group is the only one of its kind and are indeed Carmelite Monks rather than Friars.

Thanks for looking!

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