E-books and Print Books: my opinion

E-books should cost much less than print books with their manufacturing over-head. A $3 difference is hardly any difference at all!  I expect that an e-book price sits under half the print cost of that same book.  Even better, I expect it to be even lower than that. I enjoy my computer and my kindle and my droid phone.  There is very much to recommend them and someday I would like a nice ipad or tablet, but not quite yet. Meanwhile, I struggle with the entire idea of books in digital format where a computer crash might cause them to … Continue reading

Television and New Media

Years ago I had my first duplex alone.  I had no TV, no livingroom furniture, and I loved the quiet.  My mom purchased a TV for me and a couch made its way into the space.  I have NOT been overly happy with the intrusions since. When I returned to graduate school I cut off the cable and dish.  I had a TV with no ability to get programming of any sort.  It was a very GOOD thing.  We did not miss the garbage on the tube and with the internet there was no reason to miss the TV news … Continue reading