Prayer Warrior 101

Scripture is clear that our enemies are not the people whom we see before us but the principalities and powers in the spiritual realm who are driving the evil being done by our obvious human enemies. History is full of endless rounds of futile violence that generally cycles back around years after it seems to have all been settled. WHY? Because of sin of course. We all KNOW this if we know anything about our faith, but it is so basic, so obvious, that most of us give it no thought at all. Yet, that sin is the hook that allows those principalities and powers to influence human behavior.

You see, no demon can do much with you if your free will is properly ordered to the things of God.

Which is why doing an examination of conscience every night before bed is such a good practice. Note where your actions that day did not reflect Christ. Repent, and ask God to forgive you and help you grow in whatever virtues are needed for you to avoid repeating that sin. Commit to going to confession.

Catholics have the added spiritual powerhouse of taking their sins to God in the confessional.  There is a grounding that comes from having to NAME your sin, in front of a witness who represents Christ, and the freedom that comes with the words of absolution.

We human beings are really good at rationalizing our sins. It takes humility to name those sins to another person. It is very difficult to rationalize that some sin isn’t so bad when you have to speak it out loud during the Sacrament of Reconciliation (aka Confession). Naming the sin is an exercise in humility.

What is also good is the priest cannot be forced to divulge your sins because he has taken vows. I suppose under torture the poor man might be broken, but even then far more will choose to die for Christ than to betray the trust He placed on them than ever could be made to talk.

Dear Lord, bless all the Priests who serve you each day. Please strengthen their guardian angels and grant them Your protection and much grace. Thank You Lord for the Sacrament of Reconciliation and please encourage all the faithful to go more often to confession and to grow in heroic virtue. +Amen.

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