Fighting like a Christian

Christians alive today are part of the Church Militant. The secular world thinks of violence when they think of militant things. But the secular world is limited in its thoughts to the would of the visible and material. Church Militant is all about spiritual warfare. Spiritual Warfare is about prayer and growing in heroic virtue. I speak of course of the vocational goal of becoming a SAINT.

So I see darkness rising, what am I to do? As a Christian, I step up my prayers. I make an effort to pray more diligently for the leaders of our Church, for the elected and unelected persons running our government, for my family and those whose lives touch mine on a daily basis. It is the diligent and determined practice of prayer that makes the prayer warrior.

We are to pray for our enemies not just our friends.  We must pray that the principalities and powers that fuel the works of evil are cast back into hell, and that the people who are doing the work of evil will be stopped and hopefully converted to good.

Christians wake and take your Bible in hand, turn to a psalm and pray it out loud today, add prayers for the grace of final perseverance in those who are being martyred for the Faith, pray for the conversion of the enemies of Christ, and then round it out with the Lord’s Prayer.

Dear Lord, thank You for every person who prays that Your Kingdom come and Your Will be done. Please help those who seek Your will to grow in virtues pleasing to You. Protect our families and those people in the Church and in the government who do Your will. +Amen.

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