Immigration– My Thoughts and Ideas

Immigration is a hot topic these days and what is happening to families here illegally is all over the news. Do not blame government for enforcing our laws as it is supposed to do. Blame ourselves! WE the CITIZENS created those laws through our elected officials. WE the CITIZENS can change them. We can visit and write letters to all the elected officials about the need to change the laws. WE need to stop the bitching and moaning. WE are culpable for the laws because we are CITIZENS with the right to vote in primaries and elections. Those separated families … Continue reading

Thoughts on Two E’s

Someone asked me why I cheer for every single person I see succeeding in any way. I had no pat answer for her, and this began me thinking. Why DO I cheer, even for the other team? Why am I delighted at every single story of someone making their mark or accomplishing their personal best? And figured out that it boils down to the impact of Excellence and Envy on our culture. I cheer because every person’s success enriches not only them, but me as well. We strive toward goals as individuals, but our efforts impact not only ourselves but … Continue reading

Social Justice and Unfairly Burdening the Little Guy

Catholics are supposed to consider the common good which includes in its definition the essential that the individual good must not be harmed. This gets a bit complicated in the real world out here.  We make all sorts of laws to regulate industry so that things like children’s clothing are as safe as possible and property so that a homeowner doesn’t end up next to something that harms her property values. But what happens when those laws, intended for the big corporations, prevent a housewife from selling her own work and thus helping her family or adds so much burden … Continue reading