Marriage and Men

I wrote a bit ago on my take on the role of the wife in marriage, reframing the “wives submit” to “I am my husband’s second, I have his back” and I wanted to speak on the husband but without attempting to advise husbands from my own thoughts so much as point them toward men I think who would be good for them. Enter ROMAN CATHOLIC MAN.  Here is a web site that speaks to men about being men in our culture and framed by scripture and the Catholic faith. I am impressed by it.

So husbands I advise you to seek out other men whose character you admire and ask them about being a husband who leads his family with respect and generosity.  This web site is one such collection of men striving to be virtuous and strong.

A second site is related, it brings the challenge to new levels. HOLY LEAGUE is another online community urging men to step up and be men. I find is pretty awesome!

THE CATHOLIC GENTLEMAN is yet another direction men might take in seeking virtue in a manly way.

Of course I could have begun with the most well known: KNIGHTS OF COLUMBUS, which do so much good work for the church and community. Men supporting each other and joining together to do what needs doing and if they have a good time as well, all the better!

I found my way to another site, I think also related to the above sites: NINEVEH 90 is a challenge to men, although I know women who are joining their men in the prayers(and some even inspired to participate in women’s groups inspired by the men).

So, while I can speak from my own vocation on my own vocation, I think it best that men seek out other men to learn their vocations. I’m tired of effeminate men which result when women try to tell men how to be men. I adore my husband, who is stubborn and male, and honestly all sorts of wonderful. What he is not, is in any way my second! He has my back as the leader in our family and I respect him so much for that!  I’d like other women to be able to find men who know how to be men. So this is my contribution of links for men to go do just that–from other men!

Dear Lord, please help men to find and learn from other men who know how to live out their manhood in the way most pleasing to You. Thank You for these groups who seek to help men do just that. +Amen.


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