Listening To the Silence

Silence is my word for this year. Last year was Faith, the year before Hope. I wondered what word to choose and it jumped out of an article at me.  I ought to blog on that…but for now looking at results.

The youngest is settled on the carpet with a pony that is a unicorn with bright colored mane, talking to the toy, moving it about, lost in some imaginative play. I cannot make out any actual words. Just a conversational babbling.

The youngest has blocks. Actually they are drilled for stringing on chord to practice motor skills. “I’m building a bridge.” and much sing-song babbling. The stack falls and there is, “oh no!” and still more happy babbling.

This silence thing is going to make this year especially good. Everything is off more than on. I’m looking at nothing but the blog and Nineveh 90 for the prayers.  I am feeling more connected to the world around me today. It is nice.

I am at risk for getting repetitive. I think now that avoiding being boring is a reason to have a planner for the blog! I’ve watched these youtube videos about planners and several of them have more than one planner. I was rather taken aback by their need for multiple planners. I’ve always used one. However, yesterday I wanted somewhere to write down something on school, and found nowhere to do it. Then today I think how I probably need some sort of means of keeping track of what I have written about in this blog.

I am noticing that with daily blogging, most of which is simply my own meanderings, I’m using the written journal less. Probably just as well, nobody was going to ever read that mess anyway. Of course, I’m not expecting people to be all that excited about this blog either. I needed the discipline of daily writing, and it seemed a blog was a good way to do that.

Dear Lord, thank You for 2017, thank You for 2018. Thank You for the internet and blogs and v-logs. Thank you for my children. Please bless my children and my whole family. +Amen.

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