June 26 Feastday of St. Josemaria Escriva

Drew Mariani show with Fr. Rocky talking about St. Josemaria Escriva on his feast day, June 26.

Just look down the calendar to June 26th and click on the first hour of the show.  It is a wonderful conversation about this marvelous and beloved Saint.

All are called to be saints.  There is no room in the Church for slackers. People underestimate their vocation, they think they must do famously great things, but the truth is sanctity can be found anywhere and in any task.  You become a saint exactly where you happen to be. (paraphrase from the audio).

I want to be holy too.  I embrace my vocation and eagerly seek to grow where I am planted.  It isn’t easy because much of what I struggle to accomplish is unimpressive by worldly standards and in our culture worldly successes are held in much higher esteem than they deserve.

So today we baptized our youngest and this has me feeling very blessed. All my children are baptized and to the best of my ability I have taught the faith to each child.  Each child should know enough to be soundly Catholic.  I cannot say that they are living as I would like them to do, those adult children of mine, but they have the tools of the Faith and my prayers.  My younger two are still learning from me, they are still in diapers, and I am eager to see them learn to love Christ, to know Him and to choose to serve Him.  I am praying for them too, and for my niece and nephews too.

It is a wonderful thing to learn about a great Saint. They are examples and I pray my children will follow the examples of the Saints and be in love with Jesus, serving and obeying God and therefore living according to the teachings of God as preserved and taught by the Catholic Church.

Divine filiation is a concept emphasized by St. Escriva.  God is our Father and we ought to meditate on this great truth and the implications this should have in our lives. He died as he lived with his eyes and thoughts on the things of God.  He prayed and looked at an image of our Lady giving roses to St. Juan Diego and he died very suddenly having served God up to the very end.  His life story is worth reading and several options are available from a huge three volume biography to a nice short version for children. Check out Scepter Publishers for more information.

So far, I’ve a toddler who points to images of Jesus and says, there is a picture of God.    There is interest, and a sense of the importance of God.  There are hymns sung in the home and stories shared from the gospel.  I think that is a good beginning.

Dear Lord, please bless my baby, baptized on this feast day. Please help me to teach my children to know, love and serve you in this life and be taken into Your presence after their deaths.  Thank You for this vocation, for Scripture, Church teaching and for the example and writings of St Escriva. Thank You for my children and grandchildren.  Please bless and keep them all and their spouses, Amen.



June 26 Feastday of St. Josemaria Escriva — 2 Comments

  1. I find, as your elder daughter, that I don’t know what you mean when you say, “I cannot say that they are living as I would like them to do”. Also, congrats on little bro’s baptism, what a happy day! Any pics to share?