Back to Lent and Planning Baptisms

I’ve been unwell and this has messed with my goal of perfect attendance on my prayers for this season.  I’m catching up now that I feel a bit better, and accepting that being miserably ill is a good penance for me.  We should give thanks in all things and so being miserably ill is a good time to practice being thankful even in the midst of being miserable with a head-ache that just would not quit.

Meanwhile, my older daughter is planning the baptism of her first child and our first grandchild and asked if I wanted to have her little brother baptized the same time and I said, “sounds good to me!”  I’ll need to find a baptismal outfit for him and prepare an announcement to email to friends and family.  I’ve asked one friend to be godmother and my hubby is asking a good friend of his to be godfather.  I hope they both agree to do it and can come to the baptism.

We hope to have the baptism on the Feast of the Annunciation which is the same day I will be finishing up the Total Consecration by St. Louis-Marie De Montfort.  I think this would be a really good day for having children baptized.

This has been an eventful Lenten Season.  I’ve learned some things about myself and will very likely spend the entire next year working on those flaws.  I don’t think I am unusual in my dislike and discomfort with being shown character flaws that need to change. Interestingly, I am more open to the facts and the need to change than in the past.  Must be grace working on me that I can feel grateful to see these flaws and want to change them.

I feel gratitude toward God for my children, grandchild, husband, and the basic circumstances of my life.  Even the difficult things are worthy of gratitude,  “Thank You, Holy Trinity, Amen.”

I hope this Lent is a great blessing to you, especially if you have attempted penance during this season.


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