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Fr. Z: Remember How We Got Here How the Bishops liked the idea of top down health care but failed to consider that once the government gets into deciding what care is a right and what sort of care is best we are then stuck with many many First Amendment violations and violations of the right to life.

An Interview with Alice von Hildebrand on the Latin Mass.

Greta Rest In Peace On the culture of death in the USA today and its similarities to the Nazi’s and their evil work murdering Jews and how they made everything they did legal and said the Jews were not fully human– much like the culture of death makes abortion legal and insists they don’t kill babies.  Think about it.

Compelling Reasons to Home School  Home School is a viable and valuable alternative to public and private schools that do not serve our children as well as they should for the money we pay them!

American Heritage Girls  Christian Faith based alternative to Girl Scouting. Protestant so for Catholics it would be best to create your own troops so as to keep our Theology correct for our girls. Still, it is an organization that shows promise for parents who dislike the turn that Girl Scouting has taken.

 Acton Institute: Modern Papacy audio  Dr. Samuel Gregg on Al Kresta’s radio show talking about Blessed John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI.

Catholic Children’s Treasure Box  Stories of Saints and Virtue for small children. I plan to purchase sets one and two for my youngest kids.  I used to have set one but no longer recall what happened to those books.

Dead Cities of Syria  The Byzantine Empire stretched from what is now modern Greece all across the Middle East and North Africa at its largest stage.  Gradually, Islam swept across Northern Africa and took from the Christian Byzantines all their cities on the African continent including Alexandria where the huge Catholic library was partially burned and then claimed as a center of learning for the Muslims. Islam then began to take Egypt and move gradually across the Arab peninsula until it was stopped by the center of the Byzantine Empire whose capital city was Constantinople.  This empire held its powers as a trade route and as the last barrier protecting Europe from invasion by the Muslim expansion.  The blog post here shows ruins of Christian cities which were once thriving centers for production and trade that were eventually abandoned due to changes in trade routes under Islamic rule.

The Ivory Tower on Christopher West’s Interpretation of TOB  Secondary sources of information are never as good as primary sources.  In this case, there are a lot of people who go to Christopher West’s interpretation of Blessed John Paul II’s Theology of the Body and base their entire understanding of that body of work on WEST.   This is an error common in modern scholarship. The primary source materials are the actual writings of Blessed John Paul II which are titled The Theology of the Body and are readily accessible in English among other languages.  The problems cropping up that are criticized in this blog article would not happen if everyone studied TOB from the primary source written by a Pope and Blessed.

Amazon Kindle has Man and Woman He Created Them: The Theology of the Body by Blessed John Paul II and the Catechism of the Catholic Church available for good prices!!



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