Violations of the First Amendment Stress

I’m spending some time reading Psalms and Wisdom this evening as a balm for the stress I feel over the anti-Christian move of our federal government to violate our God given rights.

Praying the words of scripture is a good daily practice but tonight, I think it is also for the preservation of hope.  I need the reminder that, although our extremely powerful government has declared war on our God-given freedom to LIVE our religion without interference and thus violated our constitution which was written to limit the government and prevent just this sort of evil, God is in charge. We must obey God first and then legitimate laws.  Beyond this we must not go. No matter the price.

I pray I am faithful.  I pray everyone I know and love is faithful.  I pray this battle tide turns.

Vote out the incumbents who allowed this attack on religious freedom to come into play.  Do not let them weasel out of their responsibility for failing to stop bad laws that violate God’s law and the constitution.  Do not let them weasel out of having pushed FOR those violations of our God-given rights.

May God have mercy on all who promote violations of the law of God.  Let us hold them responsible and vote them OUT.

Meanwhile, one cannot pray, fast and do penance too much!

Off to do my lectio divina.

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