Really Awesome Blog to Tell You About!

ALL YOU CAN EAT CATHOLICS  is an amazing blog by two graduates of John Paul II University.  They are converts to Catholicism and their passion is showing the Bible as a Catholic Book. After all, the New Testament was compiled by Catholics aided by the Holy Spirit and the Old Testament in its fullness was preserved by the Catholic Church guided by the Holy Spirit.

I have often said that the Bible led me to Catholicism.  I never felt that a God of order and reason as the creator of everything must be to have produced such a complex universe would give us a book that contradicted itself.  Nor would HIS interpretation of HIS book be filled with contradictions.  It seemed illogical that He would give us a book to help us live His way and then give us no means of knowing how to understand it.  God is not mean, cruel, or untrustworthy.  Scripture is very clear on this point.  God is GOOD, LOVE, JUSTICE, MERCY among other things.  How could a good and loving God give us a book to follow and then leave us helpless to know how to understand it and live it?

Ultimately, the answer to that question led to my entry into the Catholic Church.

This blog is filled with scriptural reasons for Catholicism and if a reader is curious as to why an educated and intelligent, reasoning person who loves science as much as theology would be Catholic, their blog is a good place to begin reading.  No blog is perfect, but enjoy this one because it is a good place to begin.

God bless!

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