Information gives me great pleasure and no matter where my interests head there is always far more information that the majority of people will ever see. I love links. These and the ones which will be added later are chosen because they represent sources of information in their subject area.  There is a lot which I won’t share here, links to information that does not excite me is not going to make the cut. Eventually I would like to make a blog post on every single wonderful link on the list.  I hope you, my readers, find something in the … Continue reading

Home School

Home Schooling is nothing more or less than parent led education of family members, usually children, where the parent determines the scope and sequence, curriculum, hours of study, methods of teaching, teaches, guides, disciples and in general takes parenting to the next logical step. Essential and complex skills such as learning to speak and becoming potty trained are handled perfectly well by parents so why not teach other things as well?  Taking language acquisition to the next level and teaching a child to convert spoken communication into written is no more complex than teaching them to speak in the first … Continue reading


Bifocals are a kind of rite of passage for many of us. The nearsightedness requires glasses for driving or seeing the blackboard, but until later age, when the little parts of the eye begin to stiffen and resist change, there is usually no need for bifocals. There are the age defying lenses that hide this by a continual change in the lens, sliding gracefully from distance to close-up without that tell-tale line but they don’t work for everyone. So along come the bifocals and close behind a second pair with just the reading lens. Last week I picked up a … Continue reading


Spectator or participant? How do I want to live my life? Music is a pleasure for listening but listening is no longer enough for me, I want to make music for myself even if my capacity to play an instrument will never be anywhere near the wonderful skill of the musicians on the CD’s I hear playing though the speakers. I want to DO and not merely to watch or listen.  I enjoy singing but that is no longer enough participation.  I want to accompany my singing myself and lose my dependence on having someone to play for me.  I … Continue reading