Stand Up and MOVE!

Stand up and get moving for your health. Over at the Catholic Writer’s Guild is a great post titled, “Creaky Bones? Fitness for Writers” which I found inspirational and reminded me of some things I have done for my health but let slide. Keeping my body healthy is an important part of fulfilling my vocation. It is also important to show my children a good example. I used to do all my internet activity from a desk stationed for standing only. I loaded all my favorite move my body music onto that computer and would play music while I surfed … Continue reading

Technologically Anxious

It is more than 20 years since my first online chat and I am still anxious about each new development but far more open to being given help out of my comfort zone and enjoy this new world of technology. I am not a technologically comfortable person.  I remember hating my first remote control because I could not understand what each button did.  I still don’t but am comfortable with not knowing. In 1991, I was dragged with great resistance on my part to the computer for my first online chat.  It was on Compuserve in the science fiction forum.  … Continue reading

CathiliCon Expo 2011

CatholiCon Expo 2011 will be in Houston next weekend.  It is a conference about the new media efforts that the Pope has been encouraging Catholic laypersons to embrace and use for good. I’m attending because, however inexperienced, I am a blogger and trying to write things worth reading.  I will be attending break-out sessions which are listed on the web site here.  Clarecamp is an opportunity to learn about effective use of the internet so that perhaps my blog might become something special. I am thrilled that there will be Mass in the Extraordinary Form and breaks for daily prayer. … Continue reading

Wednesday Blogging and Laundry

A plan of life includes time for every essential, or it should do so.  Blogging is something I do for many reasons.  To share about my journey, my midlife transitions, and moving into my personal vocation in a new way are all reasons why I chose to blog. It requires learning to use new technologies better.  I’d jumped into the internet reluctantly. No, lets be honest, 20 years ago I was dragged kicking and screaming into the internet age and discovered I enjoyed Compuserve.  Later, when Compuserve was bought out and began to change in ways many of us old … Continue reading


Information gives me great pleasure and no matter where my interests head there is always far more information that the majority of people will ever see. I love links. These and the ones which will be added later are chosen because they represent sources of information in their subject area.  There is a lot which I won’t share here, links to information that does not excite me is not going to make the cut. Eventually I would like to make a blog post on every single wonderful link on the list.  I hope you, my readers, find something in the … Continue reading


Spectator or participant? How do I want to live my life? Music is a pleasure for listening but listening is no longer enough for me, I want to make music for myself even if my capacity to play an instrument will never be anywhere near the wonderful skill of the musicians on the CD’s I hear playing though the speakers. I want to DO and not merely to watch or listen.  I enjoy singing but that is no longer enough participation.  I want to accompany my singing myself and lose my dependence on having someone to play for me.  I … Continue reading