Western-Eastern Fusion Music, or what I Learned when I asked if a Chinese Pipa could play American Folk Music

One of the good things about being American is that we tend  to explore elements of many other cultures, and add them to the many uniquely American elements that have grown up here. All the members of our family value the cultures of our ancestors.  My niece will likely do the same, after all, she is one of us.

My niece is also musical and enjoys playing her piano and musical people often play more than one instrument. So I began to explore folk instruments from the culture of her ancestors. I wanted to find something interesting that might be small and portable. A piano is difficult to carry off to camp or to college–but a Pipa or Guzheng? Now these will fit in the car, dorm room, or apartment!

The result of my spending some time enjoying the many fine folk instruments of China was my wondering if these truly fabulous instruments might also be able to play Western music? The answer is YES! A marvelous fusion is possible.

First, Scarborough Fair:

I get goose bumps over that one. One of my favorite songs played with instruments from a completely different culture. TOTALLY AMAZING!

Then I looked at this video of some other western song (not one familiar to me) played on the guzheng:

It made me think of the western Ghost Riders In the Sky I get all goose-bumpy when I listen to that ballad.  This fusion music is something worth the listening time.

Then I listened to this next one and all I can say is this is one fabulous belly dance song!! Woo-hooo, I had to MOVE!

I think the answer to my question is YES, Chinese folk instruments can play American music and give it a new sound that is amazing.

How about a guzheng used in a Church for a gospel song? Here is AMAZING GRACE and SILENT NIGHT on guzheng (here is another rendition of Silent Night), Auld Lang Syne, and He’s a Pirate from the pirate movies.

AND I found Sound Of Asia, a store where they sell quality folk instruments from Asia.

Dear Lord, thank You for my niece. Thank You for the incredible creativity You gifted to the human race. Thank You for the many opportunities to enjoy the many cultures on our planet. Please bless the makers of these instruments and grant them the best supplies for their art. +Amen.


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