Silent Retreat: Fall 2012 at Featherock Conference Center

My fall retreat took place last week at Featherock Conference Center. They run women’s and men’s retreats at various times throughout the year and I cannot say enough GOOD about this place and the people who run it.

The priest who serves the retreat gave excellent meditations. He served the Mass with great reverence and devotion. Confession was available for several hours every day.

The participants in the retreat took turns leading prayers and examinations of conscience. It was a time set apart for prayer, for a deeper reflection on the living of life, and an opportunity to resolve to seek greater holiness on a daily basis.

The center itself was spotlessly clean and beautifully appointed. Every chair was comfortable, the rooms were simple and comfortable, the grounds were lovely for taking walks while thinking or praying.  The ladies who work there take great care in their efforts to create a home-like feeling without the effort being obvious.  Rooms were cleaned while participants were occupied elsewhere. The facility itself was swept every day without anyone seeing it done.

Meals were delicious. Food plentiful and prepared by skillful cooks. The tables were set elegantly and simply. We prayed before and after eating and during the meal we listened to an audio book on the theme of living our own vocations.

Anyone who needs to take some time deep in prayer about what it is God wants of you should consider a retreat at Featherock.

Dear Lord, Thank You for the people of the Featherock Conference Center. Thank You for the opportunity to reflect silently on my own vocation and what Your plan for my life may be. Please help others to serve in their own vocations too. Thank You. Amen.

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