Home School Plug

I am delighted with the Statement by the Holy See Delegation.  I blogged about it days ago.  Today I re-visit the quote I used from that document.  It is edifying to read it again.

The Catholic school assists parents who have the right and duty to choose schools inclusive of homeschooling, and they must possess the freedom to do so, which in turn, must be respected and facilitated by the State. Parents must cooperate closely with teachers, who, on their part, must collaborate with parents. —Statement by Holy See Delegation

Parents “have the right and duty to choose schools inclusive of homeschooling, and they must possess the freedom to do so.”

This is a very important statement to educate the governments of the world in their proper role to assist but not control parents decisions on the education of their children. Especially key is the phrase, “possess the freedom to do so.”

Now if only our own Church would universally embrace this as policy and encourage parents who cannot afford the parish schools to gather together and help one another to home educate rather than use the public schools.  Home School is not easy.  It is very hard work. Yet Catholic parents are not given the support to be free to make a choice for their children that includes home school.  There is pressure even to deny them the freedom to make those choices they have both the duty and right to make.

Many parents won’t be able to have a parent at home to teach their won children and will be forced to use the public schools; for them I wish to see more of a move to build a fund that will allow for more scholarships to local Catholic schools.

Those who choose homeschooling should not be vilified for their efforts but supported and encouraged.  Parishes ought to be helping them join together as Catholics who home school rather than forcing the Catholic home school families to find support elsewhere.

Dear Lord, please help all in the Church to embrace the parent’s “right and duty to choose schools inclusive of homeschooling” and begin to urge every parish to encourage parents and support them in their efforts.  Thank You for this encouragement from the Holy See Delegation. Amen.

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