CCHD violations of Catholic Social Teaching

CIA: Social Injustice

This is a very important video about the problems in the Catholic Campaign for Human Development or CCHD.

Helping the poor cannot EVER be combined with ideologies incompatible with Catholic values– and the CCHD, with the full knowledge of the Bishops, hands over millions of dollars to groups that promote directly practices contrary to Catholic values– in other words, if you, as a Catholic, donate to the Catholic Campaign for Human Development YOU are promoting abortion, handouts of condoms, homosexual marriage and communism.

Catholic Social teaching condemns abortion, yet the CCHD sends money to groups that promote abortions.

Catholic Social teaching is very clear that marriage can ONLY be between one man and one woman and yet, CCHD grants money to groups that promote homosexual “marriage”.

Catholic Social teaching condemns communism (AND its softer cousin Socialism–without exceptions) as incompatible with Catholicism but money donated to CCHD goes to groups that promote communism.

So our Bishops are failing in their roles as shepherds and allowing Catholic money to be used for anti-Catholic activities.  Save your money from misuse by the CCHD and donate directly to organizations that you can find that do not violate Catholic social teaching.

If you are Catholic and donate to the Catholic Campaign for Human Development YOU are guilty of participating in the sins promoted by the organizations who get your money– think about that. It is Catholic Teaching that if you donate money to a group that promotes, say abortion for example, you are participating in abortion and guilty of that sin.  It is your soul in the balance so think hard before you give to the CCHD since it shows no sign of reform in actual practice.


Putting our Catholicism to practical action. Refuse to give your hard earned money to organizations that oppose Church teaching.

Prayer: storm heaven for the Bishops so that they are showed with God’s grace and are brought to proper conversion.  If the Bishops respond to God they will stop this abuse.  Our prayers are essential to this.

Fight for the truth because souls are at stake, so take the time to communicate the information from this video.


Learn about Catholicism.  Go to the Catechism of the Catholic Church and directly to the social documents.  Especially important is to read the encyclicals in chronological order and to remember that a condemnation does not change, and that anything in a later encyclical is an elaboration on previous statements. For example, the later elaborations on private property that there are limits to what you can do with your private property DOES NOT remove the importance of protecting private property rights being essential for the protection and good of the poor.

Work on your own virtues.  We all need to know the Catholic faith and then LIVE that in our own lives.  Proper reception of the sacraments and daily prayer are important practices we can dedicate ourselves to doing and thus, by increasing holiness in ourselves, we increase holiness in the Church. This in turn will help to turn the tide even in the secular world.  Each person’s seeking of virtue matters.

Know your Catholicism and hold both Bishops and secular leaders accountable to Catholic teaching.



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