Advice for the beginning home schooler: another blog

Here is a really useful web page of advice for the beginning home school person: At home with the Gabois Family.

I dislike music on a blog page because it slows down the loading speed and clashes with the music so often on in our home.  Turning off the speakers on the computer solved that problem.

She uses the same sort of mix of educational materials I use and a few that I plan to go look up since I suspect I will love those too.

The great books approach is always sound, solid and worthy.  There are books missing from the list if you only get them from the secular press, but those missing Early Church Fathers and Doctors of the Church, and other worthy Saints, can be found from places like Ignatius Press (please use the link from my page!)

Another addition I would make are the books by Peter Kreeft for a truly approachable introduction to philosophy.  His book The Philosophy of Tolkein is a great way to introduce philosophy and it also serves as a great commentary on the works of Tolkein and Lewis.  I look forward to organizing a study around this text.  It is also a FUN read. (you can get the books of Peter Kreeft from Ignatius too!!  Please use the link on my page.)

Music is another wonderful source of education.   Small children in particular will internalize truths of the Faith from hymns that are well written, and from patriotic and folk music for the heritage of the culture but also from much music that is common and valued because this music is also part of the culture.

Another piece of advice: teach your own culture to your children first.  It is easier to learn about the wonderful things in a new culture from a foundation in ones own than from floating in space.

Enjoy the journey and God bless.

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