Quicksilver to Gold is now an Ignatius Press Affiliate!

We are delighted to announce that our blog has been accepted as an affiliate of Ignatius Press and when you go to their web site by way of one of the Ignatius icons on this blog and make a purchase you help to support this blog.

Ignatius carries MANY excellent books. Following are a few examples:

Didache series:  If you look under Catechesis: Didache you will find an excellent series of exceptionally well done texts for teenage catechesis.  I recommend these books because I’ve purchased them and found them colorful and filled with orthodoxy and plenty of it.  Not light weight, these books present a lot of information in a pleasing format.  Makes me wish I had a teenager to teach right now– but it will come since these will the the religion texts for my Little Tiger when she is ready.

Lay Siege to Heaven and The Citadel of God, both by Louis De Wohl are biographies of Saints. These Historical Fiction style biographies are exciting to read, ideal for middle school or older, and still good for adult reading too.  I love all of this author’s books and these two are particular favorites of mine.  The First is about St. Catherine of Siena, and the second is about St. Benedict.  Both are fast paced, exciting and will stimulate the young person’s imagination and their understanding that the Saints are real people who lived real lives in their own times.  I found during my home school years that a Saint’s life to read along with a period being studied in history helped my students learn those portions of history.  A good biography is always an asset in teaching history because it changes history from dry facts to living people of a different time.  Louis De Wolh’s historical novels are excellent.  You will find them under Fiction on the Ignatius web site.

Spiritual Reading: For advanced teens and adults I have four author’s whose work, which can be purchased from Ignatius Press, has edified me and they are: Hans Urs von Balthasar, Henri de Lubac,  Yves Congar, O.P. and Adrienne Von Speyr.  The first three are theologians of the modern period.  They are heavy reading but well worth the effort in their elucidations of theological concepts and orthodoxy.  The fourth author is a mystic who writes books that richly bring to life the scriptures.  Her book on Elijah and her several volume set on the gospel of John are amazing.

I’ll be adding other books, both reviews and recommendations, available from Ignatius Press in the future. I hope you benefit from the work of this publisher as much as have I.


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