Passionately Loving the World

There is a booklet put out by a Catholic Saint called “Passionately Loving the World” and in this is expressed the need for every Christian to mediate the love of God to a world that often forgets Him and does not know Him.

How does this work?  It works by our recognizing the inherent goodness in God’s creation in spite of the many flaws created by human sin.  We must love the good that is there, no matter where it is to be found.

Do you love your dog?  There is a lot of good in the family pet but how do we show the love of God in the relationship with the family dog?  We begin by recognizing that an animal has feelings that reflect his species.  A dog does not have human feelings, the dog has canine feelings. We are the humans, the ones with the big brain, it is our job to meet the needs of the canine, not push our human needs onto another species.  Sounds complex? It isn’t really.  Most dogs just want our time and attention.  Throwing the ball in the back yard could make the dog’s whole day. Other dogs are taken by their owners to obedience or agility classes thus improving the relationship further and helping the dog to become a more valued member of the family.  Loving the dog is part of loving the world.

Love of your family is also part of this practice.  Bringing the love God gives us to our families is a wonderful good. Some express it by reading a story to the kids, others by extra effort put into family meals, or in the way the laundry is managed, or in remembering the hand out hugs in the morning, still others express love by coaching the little league team or providing snacks to the scout troop.  Anything you would normally do for your family can be done with extra love and attention and fulfill the goal of loving the world.

Any activity in which you would normally participate, at work, at home, at church, any of these activities can be done with extra love and made part of passionately loving the world.

Imagine how rich life becomes when love is a major ingredient in all of it.

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  1. I’m working on understanding my vocation as a Catholic and this is an interesting beginning but I think your blog needs more content! Keep it up!