Great Weight Write-off: measurements vs weight

Getting my brain around the fact that weight was not the only way to measure my progress was quite a challenge.  Kinda like getting free of the hypothesis that calorie restriction will take off weight  because types/sources of calories make a huge difference in how our bodies metabolize them (Gary Taubes’ WHY WE GET FAT and GOOD CALORIES BAD CALORIES).  It took learning the science of my metabolism, along with the ways the different foods interact with that metabolism, to find what, for me, is the only way to take off weight. Cooking from the place of understanding food and … Continue reading

The Great Weight Write-off: One Pound more!

Well, this week my weight did not change much.  I am down only a single pound from a week ago for a total one month weight loss of 18 pounds! I am very happy over this. This week had its challenges.  I had to fast for blood work and ate a burger afterwards, and several times I have taken a bite of fruit that was not on my approved list.  Too many carbs= little or no weight loss. On the up side, I can see that the small amount of cheating put me very much at a maintenance level of … Continue reading

Great Weight Write-off: Admiration

There are twelve in this Great Weight Write-off; eleven women and a gentleman banded together to be accountable in the effort to stick to commitments to greater health. Each person is participating in the way they feel is best. Several have committed to exercise and their diets vary from person to person. I find myself admiring my fellow dieters very much! Please take a moment to visit this week’s weight loss winner over at Writing More Than Happily Every After.  BRAVO!!! The difficulties of eating carefully in a culture where donuts and pastas are common are huge. Each person must … Continue reading

Great Weight Write-off

WEEK TWO of the Great Weight Write-off has been a mixture of stress and success. I lost six pounds and two inches off hip and bust, and 1/2 inch off the waist. A SUCCESSFUL WEEK!! THE WEEK My week was a stressful mess. We are in the process of changing to a new family practitioner. Next time everyone comes down with the same bug, we can now go to the SAME doctor.  We discovered a few health issues and are treating them.  Other health issues are on the watch and testing list. I am having some strong symptoms of diabetes, … Continue reading

The Great Weight Write-off WEEK 2

Good morning! beginning another week of sticking to our diet plans and working to be healthier. Our lives are enhanced by greater health and so are the lives of our families. One member of the family stepping out and changing actions can make a very big difference in the lives of all members of the family. Especially if that person is doing the cooking! This week my goals are the same as in the past week. Eat on the schedule, on the foods list, and follow doctor’s orders about letting my body heal.  Greater health enhances our performance in our … Continue reading

The Great Weight Write-off: 01-18-13

The Great Weight Write-off update! This week was busy with two attempts at getting an MRI.  I have a fractured and slightly displaced tailbone (part of the car accident injuries–now proven). Yes, I am in pain. (:-P Weight 229 Waist 43 Bust 52 Hip 53 Down side: I have three times not felt hungry, forgotten breakfast, and ended up with low blood sugar and the expected emotional crash, followed by carb cravings. I know better! The Android now alarms at 9 AM to remind me that if I have not eaten that I am LATE. This alarm joins the one … Continue reading

Ordinary Goodness: eating for health

Over at Granola Catholic there is a great blog post on health care from the kitchen.  I love reading about things like this for the simple fact that one never knows when such information might come in very handy! Meanwhile, I am working into eating Paleo style because it eliminates to food groups that cause me joint pain.  I’m reading up on the topic with Dr. Loren Cordain’s book The Paleo Answer.  I purchased my copy from This is a really interesting book.  I know from past experience of eliminating dairy and grains from my diet at the suggestion … Continue reading

Support Groups and Heatlh

I’m hating the fat suit and doing something about it.  I’m changing my eating habits and am participating on a forum full of other people struggling the same way as I am struggling and who are cheering each other on and losing weight together. Personally, I have decided that I don’t want to be tied to the scale as the measure of my success.  I am choosing to measure based on excess energy availability and the fit of my clothing.  For example, yesterday I wore a skirt that hits the top of my shoes and is thus a very long … Continue reading

Of Fat Suits and Dancing

Two quotes inspire me and keep me trying on the weight control goals.  They are the following: “We are 118 lb women working our way out of fat suits” –Maria, my first workout partner “Ballroom Dancing beats aerobics any day, my personal goal is to be able to Quickstep or Viennese Waltz without a break for a full hour.” –personal fitness goal I’ve kept these in focus through long workouts with a trainer.  Sessions with the chiropractor to put back what moved out of place as I worked out.  Hours of ballroom dance classes and belly dance classed followed by … Continue reading