Skirt Wars and My Skirt Phase

Anyone who knows me knows I love skirts. Long, full, swishy skirts are a delight and joy to wear.  Do I feel that skirts are extra-feminine?–yup; are skirts the ONLY clothing that is feminine?–nope. Do I feel skirts can be very modest?–yup; are skirts the only clothing that can be modest?–nope. My loving skirts does NOT mean I hate your jeans. Most clothing choices have modest versions but any of them can be made raunchy if you try hard enough. A person’s tastes and preferences in clothing vary over time.  I’ve had my pantsuit phase, my jeans and t-shirt phase, … Continue reading

Wearing Skirts

Moving from Quicksilver to Gold in my life, seeking my vocation, developing my plan of life, and discovering what is essential to that plan of life even extends to my clothing.  Clothing expresses much.  It can be business, formal, casual and even a mix of these and still express something unique about the person wearing it. For me, a major part of moving from Quicksilver to Gold is found in my wardrobe, especially in my skirts. Skirts delight the wearer if that wearer is anything like me.  I love the variety possible with skirts and delight in patterns from the … Continue reading