Yesterday was a major head-ache of a day.  An actual head ache was the core problem.  I couldn’t shake it, not with a nap, not with medication, and as the pain medication for the c-section is strong and I’m still on it that unshakable head ache didn’t make sense. I do have a head-cold.  But usually the saline nasal flush does a good job easing the sinus head-ache situations.  This seemed to do little. They asked about blood pressure but this is already measured and managed with medication. I also have been pushing fluids and yet I am thirsty.  How … Continue reading

Guilt and Pregnancy

Feeling guilty near the end of a pregnancy because I’m so huge and feel so badly that I am not getting anything done except checking the email, eating each meal and sleeping in between. You don’t really notice how often you bend over doing laundry until you are 2 weeks out from a scheduled c-section and feeling ill as well as huge. You don’t realize how much you lean over the sink doing dishes until you cannot lean anymore because that huge belly makes you reach so much further and because it gives you excruciating pain in the back of … Continue reading

Of Autoharps and Sewing

I woke this morning to a screaming two year old who was just plain GRUMPY and determined that I not be left alone to think and blog.  Coming on the heels of an evening spent with this same child being unwilling to leave me alone to read before bed, I find myself with a head-ache and nothing much of depth to say. Sometimes life just does that to me.  Nobodies fault exactly since two year old children can be difficult simply on principle. Autoharp:  I do like thinking about my autoharps.  I call my smaller instrument FRED.  Fred is a … Continue reading

Last Months of Pregnancy

Those final months of pregnancy are simply not fun. The feet and hands swell and are stiff and painful sometimes.  Sometimes the face swells and feels like allergies have taken over–but it is just pregnancy. —The UP SIDE must be having something to offer up in my prayers! The belly is so huge you cannot reach your feet.  This makes wearing shoes and socks a real trial.— on the UP SIDE, it is Ok to wear slip on sandals. Being tired all the time takes all the fun out of not having to worry about what you are eating as … Continue reading

Musings….On Pregnancy

Pregnancy, even when it is going along well, is sometimes exhausting.  I’m in one of those pregnancies where I began to feel very very tired at the start and it has not improved much. In fact, as I traded the morning sickness that lasted all day, it was replaced with ever greater exhaustion. I’m simply horribly TIRED.  It has interfered with my housekeeping. It has made keeping up with the Little Tiger quite difficult.  It slows my brain, ruins my concentration, and makes me wonder if pregnancy has decreased my IQ!  Even sitting in a comfy chair to write a … Continue reading

Pregnancies and Culturally Driven Comments

Pregnancy is one of those things about which EVERYBODY seems to feel they have right to make comments.  I don’t happen to agree.  I think pregnancy is a wonderful thing between the parents and everyone else needs to mind their own business. Over at A Woman’s Place Depends on Her Vocation, there is a good posting on comments made to her during her pregnancies: Appropriate Responses to Joyful Baby News. I’ve had some interesting comments over the years and I’ve a rather small family.  My young motherhood was spent in a college town and sometimes young college kids can be … Continue reading