Defining Home Schooling

Home School should be understood to be parent and child directed without interference from any outside authority. What Is Home School? The above article does a good job laying out the issues of the new ways the government run schools have been finding to make inroads in the direction of controlling the definition.  Why? Because they seek to redefine home school enough to force it under the control of the government educational system, the same system most of us have fled because it is too broken to fix, too expensive and totally insensitive to the actual needs of our children! … Continue reading


The Little Tiger turns two today.  Time flies.  Presents are played with and given places on shelves. Fun is had. It is a little sad as well as joyful.  Joy in the growing healthy child, sadness that the baby is grown out of the baby stage and into this new level of interactions with the world.  I miss the tiny infant and yet, I love the two year old stage too. I pray that each memory I seek to make will stick with me forever, all the joy of the snuggles, the laughter, the mischievous grin before doing exactly what … Continue reading

I Have Met Supermom!!!

I have MET SUPERMOM! I recently read an article in the Texas Home School Coalition Review (August 2011, Vol. 15, Issue 3)* titled “Insights From a Supermom Wannabe” in which the author made the conclusion, “Supermom does not exist.” and my instant response was, “Yes she does and I know who she is!” This mother demonstrated utter faith in God, total obedience to God’s will, a deep humility in her own person, modesty in all her actions, dedication to her vocation, patience in adversity, kindness to others, and an eagerness to serve God no matter what it was going to … Continue reading

The Value of Routine

Summer days start out early, the sun shines brightly through the skylight and I wake with the dawn.  Today, I woke at 6:00. MORNING OFFERING I attempt to remember to greet the day with a brief prayer asking God to accept my efforts this day and asking for His aid in doing my work well.  This is the ideal, this sometimes even happens!  Other days, sadly all too often, my morning offering is made well after I begin my day.  Still, I keep reaching for that ideal I have of waking and dedicating every day to God even before my … Continue reading

House Unseen, Life Unscripted blog

Sharing a link to a perfectly wonderful blog, House Unseen, Life Unscripted. I particularly related to the blog post here. I’m having “one of those days” and when I do have “one of those days” I tend to take myself and every little irritation much much too seriously.  Today, I was bothered far more about the screeching child who is unhappy about being on the SAFE side of the baby safety gate while I attempt to get my work done (totally ignoring toys and the nearly 200 square feet of baby safe space, with rug to play on and bare … Continue reading

Discerning a Vocation

God desires our highest good and so He gives each of us a vocation to bring us closer to Him. God makes use of common things to communicate to us about our vocations. We pray for discernment and then look around at the evidence of God’s will for us that already exists. Why do we do this? Because most of the time the information about our own particular, unique vocation is already available to us but we aren’t looking properly and miss it. MY VOCATION I have discerned my vocation, prayed, evaluated my life, and practiced detachment to let go … Continue reading

Vocation, Parents and Religious Education

A vocation that includes marriage and children brings with it the rights and responsibilities related to that vocation.  Due to their vocation, parents have a responsibility to educate their children. This includes religious education. In an article found here a Msgr. Barreiro said, “it is absolutely clear that parents are the primary educators of their children”. Some individuals (found in the link above) insist that religious education (teaching the catechism) is the domain of the pastor and not the parents; others in the same article place the primary responsibility on the parents.  To better decide who is correct let us … Continue reading

Lay Vocation

What is a Lay Vocation? A vocation is the work a lay person does for God and includes everything that person does in this life. Every vocation is as unique as the person to whom that vocation belongs.  Each of us has a special call, a special vocation, and it will be made up of many elements unique to us and is designed to help us become saints.  A Lay person is any person who has not received Holy Orders (anyone not a deacon, priest or bishop). What are the elements that make up a vocation?  Every single activity in … Continue reading

Why we home school

My husband shared this with me, that school was for him a misery. He is a physicist, a brilliant man, inventor, scholar, lover of books (especially science fiction) and a do-er in addition to being a sensitive observer of life. He spent time as a journeyman millwright, builder of log cabins, and later went to college and earned his basic degree in physics, and a PhD for his original work on a laser application. He told me that at age 6, learning that he was to go to school, he spent his last three days of freedom outdoors visiting each … Continue reading