My thoughts on Pope Francis

I am on the side of our Holy Father even if his imprecision of speech makes me uncomfortable. He is the Pope, and on faith and morals cannot err. Himself has said that he holds to all of Church teaching– so every word he says must be understood against the backdrop of total orthodoxy– even if the press and the enemies of the Church (inside and out) refuse to see it that way.  A darling person, whose blog ( A Woman’s Place… ) I love to read, has also been troubled by this; I feel for her, she too loves … Continue reading

Interesting Links and Recommendations

Fr. Z: Remember How We Got Here How the Bishops liked the idea of top down health care but failed to consider that once the government gets into deciding what care is a right and what sort of care is best we are then stuck with many many First Amendment violations and violations of the right to life. An Interview with Alice von Hildebrand on the Latin Mass. Greta Rest In Peace On the culture of death in the USA today and its similarities to the Nazi’s and their evil work murdering Jews and how they made everything they did … Continue reading