Trial by MRI

Prayer and a stiff dose of medicine to calm my anxieties worked in tandem to get me through my second attempt at a closed MRI. Being a rather fat woman, it felt snug. Yesterday’s attempt resulted in shaking, tears, and panic. Not at all pleasant and rather embarrassing. Today I daydreamed, enjoyed the uninterrupted time to think in peace, said a relaxed 33 prayer rope (Chotki) like my Orthodox buddy Maria uses, and a decade of a rosary, counted out on my fingers. I spent time thinking about such theological truths as the reality of the Holy Trinity along with … Continue reading

Great Weight Write Off

Well, the name has changed but the plan is the same. The Dieting Dozen Writing to Lose is now the Great Weight Write-off– much better! I started blogging the whole experience early, so this is my second post on the determined bunch who are supporting each other as we seek to pursue health by way of losing some weight and eating healthier. I had a very stressful day today and stuck firmly to my diet. I ate nothing that I should not eat even though it was difficult.  I tend to eat when I stress, and I totally failed to … Continue reading