Stand Up and MOVE!

Stand up and get moving for your health. Over at the Catholic Writer’s Guild is a great post titled, “Creaky Bones? Fitness for Writers” which I found inspirational and reminded me of some things I have done for my health but let slide. Keeping my body healthy is an important part of fulfilling my vocation. It is also important to show my children a good example. I used to do all my internet activity from a desk stationed for standing only. I loaded all my favorite move my body music onto that computer and would play music while I surfed … Continue reading

Climate Changes

Over at A Woman’s Place…Depends on Her Vocation she wrote about her reaction to the climate in Florida where they are living while her husband is in graduate school. I can relate to a climate being a bad match. Florida is hot and humid or hotter and even more humid depending on the season.  My grandmothers loved the place and spent happy years living down there.  I enjoyed visiting but have never wanted to live there because of the heat and humidity. My home state is Ohio.  A place of more moderate heat in the summer but its own dose … Continue reading