Fixing the Divorce Problem

Divorce strikes at the heart of our vocations that include marriage.  Divorce is a symptom of flaws in how we develop ourselves and in the way we choose our spouses. More study of those flaws and what needs to be done to correct them will go far in the effort to decrease divorce. Over at the Register they have an EXCELLENT article about the damage divorce causes children. This article highlights a conference focusing on the experiences of the children from marriages that break up.  Divorce causes them emotional problems and while not insurmountable, the damage is real. By severing … Continue reading

Book Review: The Eighty Dollar Champion

Sometimes a book is so interesting to me that it takes less than two days for me to read it through.  THE EIGHTY DOLLAR CHAMPION: Snowman, the Horse That Inspired a Nation by Elizabeth Letts is one such book. This is the story of the horse who came to be known as Snowman.  He was purchased off the slaughterhouse truck by a horseman, Harry de Leyer, who saw something in the beat up old gelding’s eyes that caused him to think that he needed to take this horse home in spite of his underfed appearance.  The old gray gelding came to … Continue reading

Wanted: Partner for Marriage

I’ve been thinking about marriage since I responded to a post on Catholic Online Forum.  A young man was asking about what we thought important to finding the right spouse.  I’ve some things I think worth saying on this topic. I think shared values and faith are pretty well understood to be important in seeking a partner. The following are rarely discussed to any extent and so here is what I have found to be important: Know yourself.  This is an important key.  There are things about each of us that when we are honest about ourselves are traits which … Continue reading