Nine Very Good Posts and a Catholic Conference

The Chant Cafe had a marvelous post titled Doing Something About It rather than merely complaining about a problem. VERY GOOD.  In this case, it is about the music for Mass and the persons who are working hard to DO SOMETHING about the problem rather than just complaining about it.  In particular, I found the upcoming Words With Wings interesting and exciting.  I hope to get this when it comes out so that I can use it in my home school efforts. House Unseen, Life Unscripted, is a blog I very much enjoy so when I saw the article Why … Continue reading

Outings with Small Children

Running errands with infants and toddlers is not for the faint of heart and yet many parents do it on a regular basis with more children than I have. I took my toddler and infant with me yesterday to run errands.  Usually my darling husband keeps one or both children when I go out but yesterday he was at the dentist having an emergency root canal and not available so off I went in a flurry of over-confidence. First, I didn’t double check the diaper bag. There were lots of diapers and plenty of wipes but, and this is a … Continue reading