How to Live Well

Every activity we have in this life require a certain effort beyond the basic effort we put into life. Like an athlete must go beyond what he thinks he can do, so must all of us when seeking greatness in our lives.  Above my desk is a quote I pulled from a blog: MusselmanCoach. Dig deeper! You have to go deeper! Get in there, fight, be strong, and be tough, we all have more to give then we think! Push yourself! Use every ounce of your potential! I know you have more, I know you can find more inside, we … Continue reading

Ordinary Goodness: The story of an autistic girl who exibits incredible intelligence

This is an amazing story of an amazing person.  It made me cry.  So I am sharing it here with you who read my blog. Sometimes people are different. Challenged by experiences others do not have.  Sometimes the differences show. Other times the differences do not show.  God loves all. I am inspired to seek to be more open and patient with people who cross my path thanks to this video.  May you be edified as I have been.  God bless! … Continue reading