I recall the library in Wapakoneta Ohio as a kid, it was wonderful with lots of books and a librarian who would help you find something if you simply couldn’t find it.  I remember the smell, the quiet peace, the card catalogs I loved so much, the wonder of books.  The pleasures of a library can get deep into your mind and stay with you for life. My collection started with books given to me as a child, or books chosen from bookstores or book order forms sent home from school.  The books multiplied and my mom humored me and … Continue reading

Issues of Faith: Sacramental Marriage

On my favorite forum we had a discussion about divorce.  Agreed upon was that divorce is too common among Catholics.  I believe it is also too common among other Christians as well, but here I deal from the Catholic perspective and allow other Christians to apply the ideas to their own situations. I argued that the problem is not divorce but that Catholics enter into civil marriages without entering into Sacramental Marriages.  Furthermore, the problem of lack of sacramental marriage is due to poor Catechesis (knowledge of what the Church teaches) and lack of discipleship (application of Church teaching to … Continue reading

Wednesday Blogging and Laundry

A plan of life includes time for every essential, or it should do so.  Blogging is something I do for many reasons.  To share about my journey, my midlife transitions, and moving into my personal vocation in a new way are all reasons why I chose to blog. It requires learning to use new technologies better.  I’d jumped into the internet reluctantly. No, lets be honest, 20 years ago I was dragged kicking and screaming into the internet age and discovered I enjoyed Compuserve.  Later, when Compuserve was bought out and began to change in ways many of us old … Continue reading


Information gives me great pleasure and no matter where my interests head there is always far more information that the majority of people will ever see. I love links. These and the ones which will be added later are chosen because they represent sources of information in their subject area.  There is a lot which I won’t share here, links to information that does not excite me is not going to make the cut. Eventually I would like to make a blog post on every single wonderful link on the list.  I hope you, my readers, find something in the … Continue reading