Home Improvement Revisited: Part I

My vocation includes making our home exude comfort and simplicity.  I grow spiritually and in the virtues when I work on my home with those things in mind. It is a battle ground for me. I look at clutter that has accumulated and ask myself, yet again, what does or doesn’t belong in this space? I look at my office because this was the room to which I first applied MY personal ideas of simplicity.  At the moment it is a bit cluttered with stuff for the baby.  Yet the bones of this space are still right. Every piece of … Continue reading

Some Seriously Amazing Space Saving Furniture

This is a fun blog day.  I found this last night on facebook and am totally delighted.  Design like this stirs my imagination.  Enjoy!! This is an amazing video of truly fascinating space saving furniture. Imagine how much better a home could be done, with efficient space use with furniture like this, thus freeing up more floor space for greater openness in each room. They talk about it as essential for a tiny efficiency apartment, and I can see that. I see it and think about how you really don’t NEED the bed during the day and how nice it … Continue reading