Called To Life: Pride, Fear and the Mundane

Fr. Jaques Philippe’s book, Called To Life, is providing me with a lot of material to consider.  It also fits with my concurrent reading of Maria Cilley’s book, Sink Reflections. Over at Suscipio, where a group of us are reading Called To Life together, we responded to several questions from chapters 1 & 2: HERE.  Today I blog on one of those questions. 1. How does pride keep us from responding to God’s smaller, everyday calls? Pride says that the little things do not matter.  The problem with this is that little things not done make the big things impossible.  … Continue reading

The Path to Virtue

House Unseen, Life Unscripted blogged about fearing trials.  It struck a note with me because I have SO been there!  Even though much of what we struggle through is just typical life and not a spiritual attack aimed at us personally, it is easy to get so overwhelmed by daily trails that we begin to fixate on them.  Being by nature a rather neurotic woman, I can become irrational quite easily; I have found that a concerted effort on my part to apply reason in the analysis of what has me freaked out often proves beneficial. I used to be … Continue reading