THE WAY a movie about living

THE WAY, “Written and directed by Emilio Estevez, THE WAY was filmed entirely in France and Spain along The Way of St. James, also known as “El Camino de Santiago.” ” [from the back of the DVD case], stars Martin Sheen, father of the director/writer Emelio Estevez.  Its a family affiar of a film including cameos of several members of Martin Sheen’s family. I LOVED this movie about a grieving father, a fallen away Catholic, who walks the Way for his son.  The movie included some interesting people, each struggling with their own pain, who join the main character along … Continue reading

Fixing the Divorce Problem

Divorce strikes at the heart of our vocations that include marriage.  Divorce is a symptom of flaws in how we develop ourselves and in the way we choose our spouses. More study of those flaws and what needs to be done to correct them will go far in the effort to decrease divorce. Over at the Register they have an EXCELLENT article about the damage divorce causes children. This article highlights a conference focusing on the experiences of the children from marriages that break up.  Divorce causes them emotional problems and while not insurmountable, the damage is real. By severing … Continue reading

Issues of Faith: Decrees of Nullity

Civil Marriage is what the government does, Sacramental Marriage may occur at the same time as a civil marriage but they are not the same thing.  A civil marriage can end in divorce, a Sacramental Marriage cannot. SACRAMENTAL MARRIAGE is a permanent bond.  Death is the only parting of two souls bound in a Sacramental Marriage.  This bond is so important that EVERYTHING depends on the answer to the question, “Was this marriage that ended in divorce merely a civil marriage or DID A SACRAMENT OF MARRIAGE EXIST?” The authority in the Church with the responsibility for discerning through careful … Continue reading